In Memory of James N. Rentas

Dining Cancer Away fundraiser.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce Dr. Nancy Kemeny’s retirement. Twenty-Three years ago, after my father’s diagnosis, my family and I learned that Dr. Kemeny agreed to take on his care. It was truly a blessing that added many more beautiful years with Dad.
Dr. Kemeny’s research and life’s work practicing at MSKCC for more than 49 years has added countless years and impacted so many people’s lives and their families around the world. We’ve personally met patients that had the same diagnosis as my father, and ten years later are now Cancer free. Dr. Kemeny conducted some of the first studies using drugs such as irinotecan and oxaliplatin, which are now widely used in patients with colorectal cancer. She also was the lead investigator of a large, multi-institutional study that helped in the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of oxaliplatin for colorectal cancer treatment in the U.S. Her main research was to increase survival and decrease recurrence in the liver using regional Pump therapy. Because of events like this and your generous donations, Dr. Kemeny’s life’s work will continue through MSKCC.
This year we will not be hosting a walk; however, we WILL be hosting a Dine around. All ages are welcome to attend. We will absolutely keep our mission alive; we are asking for your involvement and generosity.

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“Celebrate Those Remembered and Give Strength To Those Still Fighting”


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– Stacy Ostow

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to the Rentas family for organizing this walk each year. Their commitment to raising money for Dr. Nancy Kemeny’s pump research, research that saved my life, is truly incredible. I look forward to reconnecting each year with other patients of Dr. Kemeny’s, the many survivors, and the Rentas family.”


– Peter Beckerman

" I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer and the first year I got a notice that I was cancer-free was the first year I attended the walk. The walk means so much to me because I not only get to help Dr. Kemeny, I get to meet great people that were patients as well! I’m 11 years cancer free and I’ll never miss the walk!”


Dominique Gallo

We walk so that no one ever has to hear the words 'You Have Cancer' again. We walk so that everyone currently fighting knows that we stand with them and support them. We will keep walking until there is a cure.


Felix Suarez

I know that I am making a difference by choosing to support Walk Cancer Away. It is truly inspiring to be a part of this uplifting event.